My first 5 tips to beat feeling unwell

‚ÄčI knew, when I woke up this morning, that I didn’t feel well enough to handle the day but I told myself to ‘get a grip’ and go in to work anyway. Have you had a morning like that before? 

The worst part is that I can’t identify what’s actually wrong with me; I just have a sudden feeling of being overwhelmed with all my aches and pains from head to toe.

So what do you do when all your pains feels too a bit too much? Here’s my five go-to tips, for bringing your body and mind back to normality.


Sometimes the pressure you put on yourself to keep going makes everything feel worse and you need to press pause. If that means taking a more lengthy trip to the toilet while you’re at work so you can do the next step, then find the time and space to do it!

Sense check

Try a short 5 or 10 minute meditation so you can get a sense of how your body feels. Start by focusing on the top of your head and work your way down to your toes. Try and identify what area feels painful and check whether these are everyday aches or if anything feel unusual. Unusual pains should be monitored and then may need to be reported to your GP or consultant. 

Beyond the physical pain ask yourself, how are my pains making me feel emotionally? It’s good to have awareness of yourself and grasp how much more of your day that your senses and physical body can take.


Don’t be a hero. If you have an auto-immune disease or anything that means you’ll feel chronic or acute pain you’re likely to be prescribed some form of pain relief. If it gets too much then take your prescribed painkillers without a feeling of guilt. There won’t be a cheering audience for you when you’ve made it outside of the other end of the tunnel, that is pain, without them so do yourself a favour.

Rest or Exercise or both

Sometimes there isn’t a drug that can solve feeling ‘blah’ (that’s general unwellness by the way). Simply powering down is all you need to power up. On the other hand, it might be light exercise like stretching or walking that will relieve ill-feeling in the body. Decide if its one or the other or a combination of both that you need next.


You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel after a soak in the tub. Water is really therapeutic. I’ll talk more about the power of water and the best things to use in it, in a later blog. If a soak isn’t possible then a long warm soapy shower should do it. 

There you have it. Once you’ve done at least some of these five tips, you’ll be on to a better, less stressful tomorrow. Now I’ve written this blog post, I’m off to do no.4! Rest. Toodles.